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Sea Beaches


Mumbai is situated on the western coast of India and is surrounded by the magnificent Arabian Sea. For this reason, there are a number of beaches in Mumbai and watching the glorious sunsets from these beaches is indeed a heavenly sight. The beaches in Mumbai are also considered as important venues for the shooting of many films. What's more, there are amazing restaurants, coffee houses and food stalls located nearby, from where you can enjoy and savour several mouth-watering dishes. Most people take a break from the chaotic city life and visit these beaches to relax with their friends and family. So, make a trip to Mumbai's gorgeous beaches, admire nature's beauty and surrender to the peaceful atmosphere.

Marine Drive

Marine Drive officially,Known as "Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road" .It is a 3km long with six lane concrete road in southern Mumbai which stretches north along the coastline, forming a natural bay. This C-shaped road links Nariman Point to Babulnath, and is situated at the foot of Malabar Hill. Known world over as Marine Drive, this tourist spot has also been called Sonapur by the locals of the city. Large crowds of people come to this place to stride along the beautiful walkway and to view the stunning sight of the setting sun at dusk. The scenic beauty of the perfectly lined palm trees offers its visitors an enthralling experience. Marine Drive is also referred to as 'Queen's necklace', because the street lights make the road look like a string of pearls and create an illusion of a necklace, when viewed at night from any elevated point along the pathway of the drive. If you want to know more about this breathtaking walkway, scroll further.

  • Location : South Mumbai
  • Highlights/Famous For : Beautiful walk way, sunset point
  • Nearby Tourist Attractions : Art deco buildings, Chowpatty Beach

How To Reach

  • This beach is located in the center of Mumbai and hence, is easily accessible by all means of local public transportation.
  • Chowpatty Beach

    Chowpatty Beach is one of the most Popular beaches in Mumbai. It will not be wrong to term it as heart of mumbai.It is the venue for two important festivals one Being “Ganesh Chathurthi” immersion and “Coconut Day” when the fishing folks offers coconuts to the sea in gratitude and reverence.Palm and other trees have also been planted. This beach is most popular for its local delicacies which most people enjoy whenever they visit Chowpatty Beach. Many people visit this place often for a change in daily routine and to watch the glorious sunsets from this beach.This is a sight of worth seeing. This beach is a kind of retreat from a tedious routine for many. Most people visit this beach to relax after a long, tiring day. People of all age-groups come here. They enjoy the scenic beauty offered by the beach. The sea is like a heavenly dream for anyone who visits this beach, adorned by its long stretch of white sand in addition to the magnificent sky above, is like.Beach vendors sell balloons, toys and local dishes such as spicy raw mango, roasted peanuts and Mumbai fast-food (or chaats). Tourists who visit Mumbai make it a point to visit this beach to experience the peaceful and serene atmosphere. People come here with their friends and families to spend several hours on this relaxing spot. A stroll on Mumbai's Chowpatty Beach will guarantee you an experience of a lifetime.People, who visit Chowpatty Beach, amuse themselves by watching monkeys dancing on the beach. One can also find snake-charmers who entertain the crowds with their antics. Fortune-tellers also capture the attention of people on the beach.

    • Many tourists who come here experience camel and horse rides that are available here.
    • This beach is a perfect place to perform Yoga 'Asanas' and to go for jogs.
    • The merry-go-rounds, ferry wheels, beebee gun shooting galleries on the beach are fun opportunities for the children to spend a great time.
    • One might even witness a film shooting or a street play being performed in this wonderful beach.

    Best Time To Visit

    To experience a divine feeling, one can visit Chowpatty Beach anytime of the day. Crowd is considerably less during the week hours of the mornings while evenings are just jam-packed. It is not a good idea to visit the beach during the monsoon season because high tides and water logging makes the place quite dangerous. The best time to visit Chowpatty Beach is between the months of October to March. During the festival of 'Ganesh Chathurthi', idols of 'Ganesh' are immersed into the sea as a part of the celebrations and that presents quite a sight for the sore eyes.

    • Location : Northern end of Marine Drive, South Mumbai
    • Highlights/Famous For : Local delicacies
    • Nearby Tourist Attractions : Marine Drive, Crawford Market, Mahalakshmi Racecourse

    How To Reach

  • By Road : One can hire an auto or taxi to reach the destination. Churchgate station is the nearest railway station.
  • Juhu Beach

    The Celebrity Beach Of Mumbai,The Juhu Beach in Mumbai is one of the most famous Indian beaches. This beach is known to be the one of the most-visited beaches of India and is situated in 'Ville Parle'. It is located approximately 18 km from the city center and is a desired location for most film shootings. Juhu Beach borders a posh locality where most celebrities stay and therefore, it is quite common to find famous celebrities jogging along the sands of this popular beach of Mumbai. Tourists visit this beach because of its peaceful atmosphere and its scenic beauty. Juhu Beach is also famous for its local delicacies and street food. The food stalls set up here offer excellent cuisines and snack items. People in Mumbai visit this beach to relax and enjoy after a long, tedious day. There are extravagant hotels and apartments located at the southern end of the beach. Watching the sunset in this wonderful place, guarded by the vast Arabian Sea, is a dream-like vision for anyone who visits the beach.

    Activities To Do

    • Try out the various local cuisines offered at the food stalls and snack joints set up at the beach. The street foods, such as 'Pani Puri', 'Bhel Puri' and 'Pav Bhaji' are just some of the many delicacies offered at the beach stalls.
    • One can also visit the famous Italian restaurants here such as Little Italy, Mangi Ferra, Don Giovanni, Penne, and so on. Popular sea-food specialties are served at these quality restaurants sited near the Juhu Beach. Here, one can visit pubs and discotheques that are the youth joints of the area.
    • The 'Gandhi Gram' is located at the north end of the beach, which is a place where children often enjoy their summer vacations playing sports like basketball, cricket and football.
    • Exciting activities like horse and camel rides are also available at Juhu Beach. Apart from other activities, dancing monkeys are sure to enthrall the crowds.
    • People who come here also indulge in activities like jogging, skipping, cycling and even attend Yoga sessions conducted by different groups.
    • Exploring the statues of Indian freedom fighters like 'Lokmanya Tilak' and many other important figures offers an interesting experience as well.

    One of Mumbai's popular beaches and arguably the most-visited one, Juhu Beach is a perfect place to enjoy a lovely sunset. This beautiful beach, amidst the posh town of Mumbai, is a favourite hot-spot for many tourists. Most sightseers, who come here, enjoy the local delicacies sold at the many beach food stalls.

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to visit Juhu Beach is from the months of October to February. It is best to avoid visiting the beach during the monsoon season as high tides are expected during this time.

    • Location : Western suburbs of Mumbai
    • Highlights/Famous For : Film Shootings, celebrity homes, local eateries
    • Nearby Tourist Attractions : Versova Beach

    How To Reach

    • By Air : Juhu Beach is situated very close to the domestic airport, as well as the international airport. One can hire a taxi or auto from the airport to the beach.
    • By Rail : As Mumbai is well-connected by rail routes, reaching Juhu Beach will never be a problem. Ville Parle station is the closest railway station to Juhu Beach at a distance of 3 km from the main spot.
    • By Road : Juhu Beach is easily accessible by road. Apart from taxis and autos, public transport such as MTDC buses and private buses from many areas of the city are available. Dadar Bus Stand is only 15 km from the beach.

    Madh Island Beach

    Madh Island Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Mumbai. Apart from being a renowned tourist spot, the beach is also one of the cleanest in the state. This beautiful beach is actually made of a cluster of little villages and farmlands situated on the North-Western coast of Mumbai. The shore is surrounded by mangroves which not only adds to its scenic beauty, but also separates the beach from the mainland. To take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, people in Mumbai often visit this heavenly beach with friends and families. This tranquil beach also serves as an ideal venue for lavish parties hosted by Mumbai's elite society. Many Bollywood movies and soap operas have also been shot at this magnificent venue. A perfect destination for anyone who wishes to take a break from the city, the Madh Island Beach attracts a large crowd of people due to its calm waters and soothing scenery.

    Activities To Do

    • People can explore the local fishing communities that are situated very close to the seashore.
    • One can also enjoy the classy beats and tunes played by the DJs on this beach.
    • The Madh Island Beach is a popular venue for the shooting of films and if you are lucky, you might just stumble upon a set or two and get a glimpse of your favourite superstar.
    • 'The Retreat' and 'The Resort' are two popular five star hotels situated on this beach. Tourists can spend time enjoying the magnificent view of the beach, or get pampered at the spa or even indulge in some 5-star gourmet dishes.

    Madh Island Beach is an ideal destination for those wishing to get away from the busy life of the city. The Madh Island Beach is a popular spot for all tourists and is always crowded with people who wish for a brief getaway from the humdrum of city life.

    Best Time To Visit

    Although the Madh Island Beach is crowded throughout the year, the best time to visit is from October to June. At this time of the year, there is less humidity and the weather is pleasant.

    • Location : Northwest Coast of Mumbai
    • Highlights/Famous For : Elite parties, cluster of villages
    • Nearby Tourist Attractions :
      • Madh Fort
      • St. Bonaventure Chruch
      • Erangal : 'Erangal' is a picturesque village situated on Madh Island. A farming community, Erangal is also a popular tourist interest. Another attraction on Madh Island Beach is the 'Madh Fort'. The Madh Fort, also known as 'Versova Fort', is a structure that was built by the Portuguese. This fort was utilized as a watchtower and used for training cadets. Situated very close to the beach, is the 'St. Bonaventure', which is an ancient church, built in the 16th century by the Portuguese.

    How To Reach

    • By Rail : One can reach the Madh Island Beach easily by boarding local trains from the city. The nearest railway station to the beach is situated at Malad district. Once you disembark at the Malad station, you can opt for local transport to reach the venue.
    • By Road : Madh Island Beach is well-connected by roads. People can therefore, easily hire autos or taxis to reach the beach. State buses are available from many parts of Mumbai.

    Versova Beach

    The Versova Beach is another popular beach located in Mumbai. This fascinating coast, which is a continuation of the Juhu Beach and separated by a creek, is situated in the suburbs of Andheri. The Versova village is home to a large community of fishing folk known as 'Kolis'. This beach/village is famous for its fish market auctions which are held every day. During the ancient times, Versova was one of the main ports used for port-side transactions in Mumbai. Apart from the scenic beauty of the coast, gigantic rocks bordering the beach act as buffer, protecting the village from the enormous waves of the never-ending Arabian Sea. As the shoreline faces the vast Arabian Sea, watching the magnificent sunsets from this beach is a blissful experience. What is even more surreal is watching the fishermen heading out into the big blue and catching fresh fish. People in Mumbai visit this beach to escape from their tedious work life and to enjoy moments of peace. If you are looking for a whole new adventure or some solace, then Versova beach might just be the place for you. Read on for more.

    Activities To Do

    • Tourists who are fond of viewing fish can opt for snorkeling activities during the water sports season. One can also have fun by shopping for fresh fish from Versova Beach. Sitting back, lazing on the shore and watching fishermen catching fish from the sea is also a blissful experience for many.
    • Versova Beach is an exceptional location for taking photographs. Capturing the beach's scenic beauty in cameras is a perfect leisure activity for anyone who visits this part of the city.
    • Tourists can also opt for horse/donkey rides across the shore.
    • One can witness the massive festive celebrations organized at this beach. One important festival for the Kolis is 'Coconut Day, where coconut offerings are made to the God of the Sea—'Holi'. Ganesh Chathurthi is also a magnificent festival held at this beach every year, where the locals immerse the Elephant God 'Ganesh' into the sea, praying for prosperity, happiness and good health.

    Best Time To Visit

    The best time to visit Versova Beach is from September to May. At this time, the humidity levels are low and the weather is pleasant.

    • Nearby Attractions : Versova Village

    The Versova Village is located very close to the beach and conducts a fish market auction that takes place at 4:00 PM every day. Juhu Beach is another famous beach, which is located close to Versova Beach. This beach is ideal for swimming, cycling, jogging and even for practicing Yoga.Another nearby attraction is the ISKCON Temple, with a magnificent temple complex, located in Juhu. Many spiritual programs, 'Pujas' and events are held at this temple complex during the festive season.

    How To Reach

    • By Rail : Andheri Station is the closest local train station to Versova Beach. One can also board a train from Churchgate station to either Santa Cruz station or Ville Parle station to reach the beach.Versova Beach is a wonderful beach in Mumbai and is situated in the suburb of Andheri. The Beach is an extension of the Juhu Beach and is named after the fishing village called Versova.
    • By Road : Versova beach is well-connected to most major bus stations in the city. The closest bus station is located at Andheri.