Mumbai Mahawar Vaish

Mumbai Sangh Objectives and Activities


  • The social, moral and economic upliftment of the members of society without making any distinction of caste, creed or religion.
  • To impart education to the members of society in Arts, Science, Technical, Vocational, Industry, Commerce, Agriculture, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, public health and Social welfare, Computer science, Technology and/or any other subject as the Trustees may decide in their absolute discretion.
  • To start, conduct and maintain Kinder Garten and/or other classes like, Pre-primary, Primary, Secondary, High School, Laboratories, Library, Reading room etc. either alone or in co-operation with other institution at such places as Managing committee deem fit.
  • To start, conduct and maintain curricular or extracurricular study and research work or institutions etc., either alone or in co-operation with other institution or bodies as managing committee may decide in their absolute discretion.
  • To give scholarship and other help or assistance either financial or otherwise to poor needy and deserving students.
  • To grant aid and/or assiastance financial or otherwise to the schools, colleges or other institutions or individuals as may be decided by the managing committee in their absolute discretion.
  • To start conduct and maintain Research Centre, institution for social, economic and cultural development and Health care of the people at large.
  • To relieve distress of poverty arising out of of natural calamities like Fire, Earthquake, Flood etc. as the board of trustees may decide in their absolute discretion.

To Fulfill the objectives of the sangh, the elected members of the sangh will conduct meeting every month at Mahawar Hall, Bhayandar. Decision in favour of samaj will be taken in these meeting.Annual General meeting will be held each year in the month of September, in which programme will be organised for school and college going children. To encourage children there is prize distribution programme.

In Annual General meeting, annual transactions and Balance Sheet will be approve by the members of the samaj.

Elections will be held every three years and the elected members will again vote for the office bearers.


Facilities provided by the sangh to the member of samaj:

  • Distribution of stationary, books, notebooks, etc. to the needed childrens.
  • Monthly or Annual fees for needed children.
  • To provide help for Daughter marriage.
  • To provide help to the people in suffering from diseases.
  • To provide help for education.
  • Children who come first in National or State level games are awarded by the sangh.


  • Mahawar Hall in Bhayander was purchased in year 1992 and was inaugurated in the year 1994.Later in year 1997 and 1998 hall was renovated. Presently hall is fully air-conditioned.
  • The first family nomenclature was printed by the Sangh in year 1991 and then later in year 2001-2002 and recently in year 2012-2013.
  • In the year 1989 and year 1998 Mumbai Sangh was honoured as the most excellent unit. Also in year 2003 Sangh was honoured as the second most excellent unit working for our community.
  • In 1991 Shri Mahawar Vaish Mahasabha Delhi organised Suvarna Jayanti function in which Mumbai Sangh was awarded.
  • Mumbai Sangh has organised Rajat Jayanti programme at Radha Krishna Mandir, Dahisar(East) Mumbai. In this a introductory meet programme for young males and females were organised, so that they can get aquainted with each other. In this programme the Doyen (Varishtha and Pratishthit Sadasya) from corners of the country and Personnels were honoured.