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Top 20 Courses After HSC

These courses range for students coming from various backgrounds like Science, Commerce and Arts. You could choose one of them according to your inclination and background.

  1. Animation Film Designing
  2. This is one of the best course after 12th. Animation and film designing is a course that is getting very popular and holds a promising future. If you live in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore then you could easily find an Animation Film Designing institute.

  3. Photography
  4. If you have passion for photography then there are some good institutes that give training for photography. Photography has a great future because of growing media and advertising industry.

  5. Event Management
  6. Event management course would help you to get jobs in India and abroad very easily. Event managers are required for wedding, organizing functions and other events.

  7. Furniture and Interior Design
  8. There are many private institutes and coaching center for furniture and interior design in the country. You have to choose an institute carefully because many of them are new and lack proper training facility. Therefore, join only premier institutes like CEPT. You could choose a diploma course or a certificate course as you like.

  9. Writing and Journalism Courses
  10. Online writing and freelance journalism is very popular in the age of Internet. Writing course or a course in journalism could get you a job online very easily. On internet weblogs and new online journals are looking for writers. Hence if you enroll in a writing course online or offline then it could be great for your career.

  11. Foreign Language Courses
  12. Various MNCs and other business houses coming from foreign countries in India need translators and interpreters. They come in various small towns across the country and language could be the barrier.Hence, if you know foreign languages like French, Spanish, Japanese then you could get a job easily. There are many professional courses for foreign languages in the country.

  13. Performing Arts – Acting and Drama Courses
  14. Film and drama industry is very big in India. You could be an actor or artist and get a role in films or some TV serial. There are number of performing arts colleges and training centers. If your stream is arts in 10+2 then performing arts could be the great for your future career.>/p>

  15. Hotel Management
  16. This is another best course after HSC. If you love cooking and dressing then hotel management is good for you. It opens door for hospitality sector in India. Although there are many good hotel management institutes but choose an Institute which is good. I recommend going for degree rather a diploma or certificate force.

  17. Literary Arts – Music, Dance and Painting
  18. Like performing arts literary arts is also a great course pursuing after 10+2. If you like Music, Dance, Painting then you could join literary arts college or training institute. You could become a teacher after completing a course and get a job very easily. Many schools are looking for dance and music teachers.

  19. Software Programming Courses like JAVA, .NET
  20. Software programming courses are very popular and everyone knows about it. There are number of software training institutes like APTEC, NIIT etc who provide various courses after 12th.They give you diploma as well as certificates depending upon the courses you choose. After completing a course if you don’t get a job then you could start teaching in same institute.

  21. Nursing
  22. If you are into science especially biology then nursing could be a great course after 10+2. Girls who are not interested in degree courses then you could go for nursing.Just a diploma in nursing could easily get you jobs in India and abroad. Male counterparts could also do the nursing course.

  23. Beautician Courses
  24. Like nursing beautician courses are also great for woman and young girls coming out of high school.Today every person wants to look beautiful and they want to go spa or a beauty parlour. So for guidance and training you could enroll any one of the beautician courses. Choose courses carefully before paying the fees.

  25. Cooking and Baking Courses
  26. Cooking and baking courses could be great for students who love cooking. If you don’t want to go for hotel management courses then cooking and baking courses are good for you.Here you could get a certificate or even a diploma if you want. Unlike hotel management which is a degree course, cooking and baking courses are simple and anyone can do it.

  27. Air Hostess and Flight Steward
  28. Air Hostess and flight steward jobs are also high paying and very promising. If you want an exciting and adventurous career which involves a lot of travelling and going out then air hostess job is good for you.Even you leave the job you get jobs in hospitality sector very easily. Hence you will not have any problem. Males can go for flight attendant training institutes.

  29. Media and Mass Communication
  30. Every news channels have journalists and anchors with a degree from media and mass communication institute. You could enroll in anyone of mass communication courses and get a degree or diploma.Future is great and you could become popular also. Some of the related courses are like public relations PR, advertising, marketing, journalism etc.You can choose anyone of them.

  31. Driving Courses – Two Wheelers and Four Wheelers
  32. Driving courses are also good after 12th, if you love driving. You could join nearby training school and learn driving for four wheelers like car.Later you can drive cab or taxi because there is a lot of demand for driver’s job. You will get license and become a driver very easily.

  33. Ethical Hacking
  34. Ethical hacking is hacking done for rightful purposes. If you love about computers and how they work then you could become an ethical hacker.There are many diploma and certificate courses for ethical hacking. Rewards are great if you are interested in ethical hacking. Choose a course and join the training center.

  35. Commercial Pilot Training Courses
  36. If you have done your 12th from science stream then you could join commercial pilot training course. You can go through a training course given by Aviation academy recognized by Aviation Ministry of India.You have to get a student pilot license and undergo flying training and then theoretical education. After you pass the test, students are awarded the flying license.If you cannot join IAF then you could join a commercial pilot training course. However prices for the courses are very high.

  37. Audio Visual Courses
  38. Audio visual courses are also good after you complete 10+2. Courses are available after 12th and it includes journalism, branding and advertising, media studies and planning.You could get a job as sound technician with different media companies.

  39. Tourism and Travel
  40. Last course for 10+2 students in our list is tourism and travel. If you love travelling then this course could be good for you.You can become a guide or a consultant guiding people about tours and travel. However, there are very few schools or colleges in India that give diploma or certificate courses in tourism and travel.

    So this was the list of top 20 courses that you can go for after you have completed 12th.