Mumbai Mahawar Vaish

Mumbai Mahawar Sangh

Registration No. : F - 2214 (Mum)



Since last more than 200 years ago, Mahawars are inhabitant in Mumbai from different locations of Rajasthan and Northern part of India. There was very less interaction between these Mahawar families. Later they start interacting with each other and thus a need was aroused that all these families should come together and meets each other at least once in a year to know each other in better way. They also thought of having a social organization for conducting such type of programme and invite Mahawar community spread all over Mumbai.

In year 1934, SHRI MAHAWAR VAISH SEVA SANGH got incorporated on the auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashmi (Dashera) commencing with puja of Lord Satya Narayan by Late Shri. Shivdayalji (Pahelwale) and Late Shri. Vallabhdasji (Phool galiwale).

Former President of this Sangh were:

  • Late Shri. Ganeshilalji Gupta (Chandoliwale)
  • Late Shri. Heeralalji Gupta (Jat Behrorwale)
  • Shri. Bhimsenji Gupta (Firozpurwale)

There was immense contribution by Late Shri. Heeralalji Gupta (Hamindpurwale) to the organization and to the upliftment of the community in his overall tenure.

Later in the year 1971, Shree Mahawar Vaish Seva Sangh, Mumbai was registered under the Society Act. And charitable Trust Act, under the chairmanship of Late Shri. Biharilalji Gupta (Phoolgaliwale) and in guidance of Late Shri. Hargovindji Gupta (Bolniwale). Late Shri. Biharilalji Gupta became the first president of Registered Sangh.

In year 1980, new working committee was formed and the thereafter the following persons became the president of Shree Mahawar Vaish Seva Sangh (Regd.) Mumbai.

Sr. No. President Name Native Place From Date To Date
1  Shri. Madanlal Gupta Ismilepurwale - -
2  Late Shri. Balkishan Sitaram Gupta Mathurawale 28-Oct-1984 10-Oct-1993
3  Late Shri. Banwarilal Ramgopal Gupta Khanpurwale 10-Oct-1993 30-Nov-1995
4  Late Shri. Gurudayal Tarachand Gupta Jadthalwale 10-Oct-1993 03-Oct-1999
5  Late Shri. Khushiram Pyrelal Vaish Bolniwale 03-Oct-1999 22-Sep-2002
6  Late Shri. Biharilal Shankerlal Gupta Mathurawale 22-Sep-2002 13-Jun-2004
7  Shri. Navalkishor Girdharilal Gupta Mathurawale 13-Jun-2004 25-Sep-2005
8  Shri. Krishankant Tarachand Gupta Itelimandiwale 25-Sep-2005 25-Sep-2014
9  Shri. Prabhakar Pyrelal Mahajan Pehelwale 25-Sep-2014 Present